Artist and Researcher at the Master Program in Language, Media and Arts, and faculty member at Faculty of Visual Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil. She studied Civil Engineering and Computing at University of São Paulo, Brazil. She got a master and doctoral degree at the Department of Multimedia, Institute of Arts, Unicamp, Brazil. She has been a post-doctoral Advanced Research Associate in the M-Node Planetary Collegium, NABA, Italy. She has participated in some national exhibitions as #EmMeio8.0 2016, in Brasilia, 4D Interactive Computational Art 2004, in Brasília, Cinetic_Digital – Itaú Cultural 2005, in São Paulo, Mostra SESC Artes 2010 in São Paulo, and international as the Exhibition Mobility Futures 2013, in Lancaster, UK, and the Cyber Fashion Show, SIGGRAPH 2005, in Los Angeles, EUA.